Many New York apartments are fitted out like Hermes jewel boxes, with lavish layered interiors dripping with pedigreed furnishings and details. This does little to mask the poor light and proportions of the home. At 54 Bond, the light and windows and expansive floors were the stars. So architecture and design could be handled with more nuance and restraint. Steven Harris, Chuck Ballenger of Architectural Components and I worked closely together to design a window system which collaborated with the ornate cast iron façade and the walls of enormous window openings. Using a modern glass produced with the waves of the first machine made glass of circa 1900; Steven created refined details and moldings which gave the room’s classic almost European proportions. Chuck used this glass to design thermally efficient and UV blocking system mahogany framed windows with historic pulls and weights. They appear to have always been there, but with subtle refinements allowed by modern technology.